Our Story and Mission

Where TravelFit Global started

The Idea of TravelFit came about in the early months of 2016 in the east side of London, a place called Leytonstone.
The Founder of TravelFit "Chris Walker" had moved to London in 2015 from a country town in Australia.
Prior to the point of TravelFit's creation, he had been reflecting on what he wanted to create in life and questioned what he could do for others who may have struggled with creating healthy habits to live a better more fulfilled life.
From events during his upbringing and overcoming many obstacles by changing his mind and body through changing his perspective, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and implementing practices on nutrition, training and becoming more present he completely changed his old self sabotaging habits to create a new more mindful and present life.
after visiting 28 countries, meeting the queen, and overcoming his struggles with mental health issues and experiencing a health issue that could be described as a "mini stroke" he found himself building a brand with a mission called TravelFit Global.
Once inspired with this mission to help more people make a lasting change to their own life with the TravelFit Principles of Mind, Body and Soul.
Chris learnt through experiences, books, study and travel that we are all struggling in life because we lack the basic principles in a structured way to live our life with fulfilment and purpose.

That "This is it" Moment!

One evening in early March 2016, Chris was on his way home and had the sudden realisation of the word "TravelFit" and from this moment TravelFit was born! 
From 2016 to 2018 it was just an idea and a vision, but in 2019 it become reality!
As a holistic health brand with a high focus on creating impactful social events, workshops, retreats and corporate programs that take people from just surviving straight to thriving in life!
Now having hosted multiple health and wellness retreats, podcast listened to in 40 countries, international known brand and worked with companies known interstate, nationally and internationally, the proof is in the pudding that we aren't playing around when it comes to making a positive impact in this world environmentally and the social ecosystem we live in.
Our experiences take people on a life changing journey to feel recharged, reset and re-inspired again so people feel their best physically and mentally.
 We provide a structure to break self sabotaging habits, create positive habits through a new and improved perspective, disconnect to reconnect through active experiences and provides each person with a new network of like minded people who also want to create the best version of themselves or businesses looking to build a second to none thriving business culture.
TravelFit has a mission to host 10 retreats in 10 different countries by 2025 and impact millions of people around the world through education in our podcast episodes, workshops, TravelFit retreats, corporate programs and our community events that encourage people to give back and become apart of a tribe of like minded people looking to be the positive change the world needs.