TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience
TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience
TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience
TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience
TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience
TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience
TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience

TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience

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New Dates Coming Soon  

The TravelFit Sunshine Coast Day Experience is set in, a hidden away private property in between the hinterland and coast,  the property offers a Modern Coastal Mediterranean luxury look and creates a complete feeling of relaxation, gratitude and contentment that brings you back to the present moment to embrace your day fully. 

So expect your own private property, swimming pool, time to relax, unique modern comfort and a range of fun perspective shifting experiences on the day!


Your day has a range of activities included below.

- Breathwork and Meditation

- Yoga Flow Session

- Mindset Challenge Activity

- Nutritious Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch Provided

- Shifting your perspective and altering your life workshop

- Ice Bath 

- Sunrise Mountain Hike

- Good Deed Giveback

- Strength and Conditioning Workout

- Thank You Gift Bag


Our day starts with a Mount Coolum sunrise hike, honestly what a way to start the day!

As we reach the top we take a moment to meet our new friends for the day and start with a mindfulness session to kickstart our experience with a good view and good people.

Once we make our way back down, it's time to head to our secret location, expect to be welcomed with snacks, a fun activity and a overview of whats to come from the day, yep its going to be epic!

Soon after it will be time to get a little uncomfortable with our Breathe and Ice bath experience, Learn how to take control of your nervous system in a controlled stressed induced environment through mastering your breathing and mindset. 

After its time for breakfast, no doubt you will be feeling a little hungry by now and ready to fuel up for the day ahead.. 

After breakfast it's time to start with our next activity that will give you a unique opportunity to alter the way you think through a mind shifting fun exercise.

Now its time to dive in to look after that tight body of yours with our yoga flow session, after your feeling like a new car out of the lot, we will then dive into a breathwork and meditation session to allow you to giveback to yourself fully, then comes everyones favourite time, Lunchtime! 

Enjoy our fresh, filling and whole food lunch to refill your cup even more!

Once you are full, recharged and ready to go enjoy our mindset session where we take you through a glass shattering experience that gives you unique tools to get more out of life without burning out. 

You have been sitting down for a bit and its time to get the blood flowing with our workout session, big vibes, teamwork and banging tunes, It's Go Time!

Once you have recovered, you'll bring yourself into the house for a last activity and to get your hands on our goodie bag. 

Soon after we thank you for coming along and bid you farewell as the day comes to an end.

Our Day experience has limited spaces available so be sure to get your ticket as soon as possible as we won't be releasing more spaces due to location spacing.


Our Next Experience dates will be released soon.


Please email if you have any questions at all


First Release Tickets Now Available 

1st - $495 only 5 available 

2nd - $550 only 5 available 

3rd - $650 only 5 available 


Checkout our recent testimonial from our experience below 🙌🔥😃

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Journey of Empowerment and Connection at the Travel Fit Retreat

The "Travel Fit Retreat" was not just a getaway, it was a life-changing experience that empowered me to step into my full potential. I am immensely grateful for the incredible team that organised this retreat and for the bonds I formed with fellow participants. This journey has equipped me with tools to navigate life's challenges with confidence, resilience, and a heart full of gratitude. If you're seeking a holistic and transformative experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the "Travel Fit Retreat." It's a gift to yourself that will keep giving for a lifetime.

Taylor Elms
Great Experience

A great vibe with awesome people and wholesome activities!

Chloe Maree

I was lucky enough to experience one of these amazing retreats. It was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I learnt a lot in such a short period of time and this retreat attracted like minded people. What started out as strangers soon became friends. Chris is such a humble, kind person and to be able to be supported by him and everyone else is something I am truly appreciative of.

Joel Weston
So good.

What a great experience. I faced challenges. Learnt new things. Met some amazing people and had a great day in general. I felt welcome and supported. Chris and the team were amazing. Get amongst it!

Something for everyone

Such an amazing experience. So lovely to meet like minded people and really tap into time for myself. The retreat was amazing and definitely worth every cent.