TravelFit Community Health and Wellness Events

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We host a range of events that inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, connect with new friends, feel recharged and full and give you the chance to be apart of the TravelFit Tribe. 
The Events We Currently Host Are
Breathe and Connect - A experience that allows you to change your physical and mental state by learning how to breathe properly to control your emotional state with the regulation of your nervous system, while allowing you to connect with strangers to reconnect the disconnection we currently face in society today.
Hikers Club - We seek out the best spots for sunrise or sunset views from mountains and dive into trail walks to explore our beautiful surroundings we live around, while also getting the chance to meet new friends and create new connections. Oh and of course grab a few photos of the views and your TravelFit Tribe!
Yoga Flows - Ease into a flow with an amazing yoga teacher to look after your mind and body after a big week or much need stretch and breathe to open the body and calm the mind. 
Coming Soon...
- Functional Nutrition Cook and Chat Class
This gives people the chance to dive deeper into knowledge around nutrition with purpose of eating certain foods, the habits to look after your gut and how it links to our emotional state, All while creating something amazing!
- Mindset Workshops
Join a workshop that gives you the chance to hear an inspiring story from some amazing and successful humans and how you can shift your life personally and professionally for the better.
- Runners Club 
Calling all runners to come down and "keep on running, till you dont feel like running no more" if you know, you know. Come down run with a crew of like minded people looking to improve their fitness and run personal bests and after head to a local cafe to connect with the crew.
- Get TravelFit 
We connect with local businesses to offer a community workout so you can get around more like minded people and sweat it out with new friends and a new challenge every time. 
Each event is just 5 dollars as this allows us to cover the cost of time to organise events and host more with our amazing facilitators!
Our aim is to have over 100 events around Australia by 2023 to help more people create new memories with new like minded people and to breakdown the disconnection in our society and the world today