TravelFit Retreat

We focus on breaking bad habits through education and experience
We have workshops that touch on why nutrition can improve our life and alter our emotions, why training is so important, how to create a structured routine of training and understanding how the soul can impact and change our life through experiences and humility. 
The Retreat Was Built On 3 Points
We focus on a Master Class - on pin pointing your, self sabotaging habits, negative beliefs and touch on Cognative Behavioural Therapy Techniques as well so you can leave the retreat with a range of tools to create a stronger mindset for life once you its time to go. 
A Brief Overview
We are influenced by so many things in life that may lead us to unhappy destinations, this will help you take yourself from negative to positive habits.


We focus on understanding food, why is it so important, what is food, how can we use nutrition to our advantage and what the actually benefits of food are.
Over the Retreat guests will enjoy a range of nutritious healthy meals, giving each person enough energy each day to feel their best and enjoy their activities for the day ahead.
We have a range of training sessions from group bodyweight sessions, beach workouts, functional sessions and yoga sessions in the morning.
A Brief Overview
Improving your physical and mental capabilities through Nutrition and Training is so important, throughout the retreat you'll even start to notice feeling better.



We focus on helping people understand why being selfless can create real fulfilment through a giving back activity.
We Focus on experiences as well, creating new friends, taking on new activities like surfing, hiking and much more.
A Brief Overview
You can focus on mind and body but if you don’t understand how humility can create happiness and why new experiences create joy and gratitude then people don’t change…