Our Give Back

 Our focus has always been to give back and inspire more people to make a difference in society and this is through our current project of hosting social events around the world, we aim to create events that target important issues we face today such as:
Environmental issues with beach clean ups and hiking clean ups.
Mental Health with positive social gatherings and mental health workshops to help create a safe and open community.
Good Deeds, why? because doing good deeds is something we feel so passionate about in showing kindness when and where we can to inspire others, we understand that not everyone has the opportunity to have role models that teach this selfless gesture in their upbringing.
These are all very new and we hope to add in many more opportunities for people to get involved with other events like fitness and wellness events and educational workshops over time.
We donate 10% from each sale towards hosting these events which helps to pay for equipment, hosts and advertising.
As a start up we have a long way to go but feel these are so important in making a difference where we can and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to do so. 
Why don't we just donate to charity?
Well in all honesty we want to teach people as we host these events and create empowerment for anyone who is passionate about these values and beliefs, this gives everyone the opportunity to get involved and we feel just that throwing a donation to any charity wouldn't help our mission of making real impact happen quick enough.
How does the money go to each giveback?
With each sale we will deduct 10% and divide it accordingly to support all causes fairly until we have enough to host these events. 
Where can I find these events?
You can find these events on facebook or advertised on all of our social media channels and our weekly email.
Lastly thank you for making this impact happen, without you and your help we wouldn't be able to make this impact on the world.